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Natural Soap Bars For Men & Women | Filthy Animal Soap

Natural Soap Bars For Men & Women | Filthy Animal Soap

Hey you! Yeah, you! Have you ever looked at the ingredients list of the body wash or soap that you use? I bet you haven’t in a long time… go ahead and do that for me… I’ll wait. Okay, perfect, now that you are back in your seat can you believe the stuff they put in there? GROSS! 

I know it was a huge wake-up call for me when I looked… most of the stuff I can’t even pronounce. We saw this as a big problem and knew we needed to do something about it. We found a local chemist who has an eye for this kind of thing and came up with a great solution to the problem. 

Here at Grapplers Graveyard, we have crafted the perfect natural soap bar for men and women! It is not only healthy for the skin but filled with essential oils and organic ingredients to leave you smelling nice and clean. Let’s dive in a little bit into natural soap bars and why you should consider the switch!

What’s Wrong With Traditional Soap Bars? Are They Toxic?

Okay look, inherently, traditional soap bars are not toxic (like our ex) but there are some considerations that need to be made when you jump into a long-term relationship with your soap of choice.

Some traditional soap bars and body washes may contain ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. These ingredients can dry out your skin and leave you irritated which is not something we are going for if you are on SkinCareStacy! Healthy skin = better life, we all know this on this side of the internet!

“Ugh I don’t want to switch to a soap bar it’s so inconvenient” is probably what is running through your head and look we get it, you have to put in a little more work to look as beautiful as you do. I know it’s been said before but dammit, beauty takes time!!

Your skin deserves better. That’s why you are here at Skin Care Stacy in the first place. Learning about techniques on how to keep your skin glowing does not stop at the sink, its time to enhance your shower experience as well! Make the switch to a more natural soap today, your skin will thank you!

Traits Of A “Good” Natural Soap Bar

Good soap should be easy.

The smaller the ingredient list and the easier it is actually to pronounce what makes up the soap are ALL THAT YOU NEED! You would think these large companies would get the memo but they haven’t… more health-conscious people for us!

Here is a list of requirements that your next soap or body wash needs to have:

  • Clean, easy-to-read ingredients
  • Smells good
  • Leaves you silky smooth
  • Gotta have the suds or why else are you using soap (am I right?!?)

Benefits of Using a Natural Soap Bar

Natural soap bars offer something most people don’t even know they are missing out on. Some of the benefits of using natural soap vs synthetic products are the following:

  • Natural Soap is gentle on the skin
  • Moisturizes and Hydrates the skin
  • Chemical-Free
  • Variety of options, scents, and textures
  • Support Local Businesses
  • Good on sensitive skin

Filthy Animal Natural Soap Bars

Filthy Animal Soap is our baby, we love it dearly and will never go back to using anything other than natural soap. Healthy skin makes life more enjoyable. Help out a small business today and wash with Filthy animal soap! 

P.S. Our ingredient list is so short that you can put it on an index card (we are not kidding check it out for yourself). We have two scents live right now (Shea Butter & Charcoal) and would to have you try them out today!


Is natural bar soap better for you?

Using Natural soap is in fact better for you. Most of the time natural soap may be a little harder to find and may be a bit more pricey. There are many companies that make great soaps that you can find online today but most retail giants have products on the shelf that are not aligned with the best interest of your skin.

Can soap be 100% natural?

Yes. Soap is created by mixing fats with various oils. When you start to get the territory of artificial fragrances and perfumes that is where it becomes unnatural. Check the label of your soap right now and you will know what I am talking about.

Soap bar or Liquid Soap?

This is a preference call for you. We have made the switch to bar soap with the creation of Filthy Animal Soap. We will no longer be using a body wash that is going to be putting chemicals on our bodies.

This post was written and created by BowtiedGrappler. Grappler has created a website called The Grapplers Graveyard that focuses on the self-improvement aspects of martial arts training. Brazilian jiu-jitsu changed his life for the better. He lost 20 lbs, pulled himself out of depression, and is now on a path toward living an abundant and healthy life!

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