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You know what everyone gets wrong about beauty?

It isn’t an art; it’s a science.

The science of aesthetics, skincare, and biohacking.

My mission here is to help you attain the life you want and look good while doing it.

Attraction isn't an art - it's a science

You can get away with anything when you’re beautiful.

You see, beauty has utility of its own, but it is also a skill to be leveraged when combined with charisma, EQ, and the mastery of social dynamics.

Beautiful people have easier lives. Beautiful people make more money and even self-report higher happiness scores.

Any person that’s been ugly and not ugly (like me!) will tell you:

Life is better when you’re not ugly.

Being not ugly is deceptively simple.

You’ll need to develop the following, in order of importance:

  1. Normal body fat percentage (sub-15% for men, sub-22% for women)

  2. Figure to enhance secondary sex characteristics (v-taper for men, hourglass figure for women)

  3. Positive health indicators (thick hair, clear skin, full lips, etc.)

Not quite easy, but easier than you might expect, and one of the highest ROI decisions you can make for yourself.

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