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Dieux Instant Angel Review

Dieux Instant Angel Review

Dieux Instant Angel is an amazing moisturizer for all skin types.

Featuring unique peptides to fight wrinkles and an all-star list of humectants to keep your skin hydrated, Instant Angel is sure to be your newest moisturizer obsession.

It has a lightweight but silky texture that feels luxurious. In fact, as soon as you apply it, it relieves discomfort and soaks right in without leaving any greasy film on your skin.

I swear that once you try this moisturizer, you’ll be rushing to order your second tube already.

This article will explain everything you need to know about Dieux Instant Angel.

Ideal for weakened and sensitive skin, Dieux Instant Angel is the moisturizer your skin’s natural barrier has been begging for.

I swear applying Instant Angel is like giving your face a hug. It has a beautiful texture that melts in your skin and immediately relieves discomfort.

You won’t regret trying this – I certainly didn’t!


Instant Angel is almost like . . . silk, in a tube.

It’s lightweight but still creamy enough to leave your skin’s barrier feeling nourished.

Plus, it doesn’t leave any greasy residue after it is absorbed.


Instant Angel is white in color but dries down transparently as it absorbs.


I love how Instant Angel arrives in an aluminum tube instead of plastic.

Not only is the packaging plastic-free, but it comes with a unique squeeze key that helps you get every last drop of product out of the tube.

Plus, you can repurpose the squeeze key after you finish the moisturizer for other tubes around your house.


Thankfully, Instant Angel was carefully designed to be fragrance-free. Sensitive skin havers, rejoice!

Skin Types

I have acne-prone skin, and Instant Angel was light enough that it didn’t clog my pores while still being super moisturizing on my skin barrier.

While the formula is suitable for dry skin and dehydrated skin, I still think people with oily skin can benefit from it thanks to its lightweight texture.

That being said, if you have super dry skin, you may want to layer a thicker moisturizer on top or a facial oil, especially at night.

Dieux Instant Angel Moisturizer Ingredients

Packed with amazing, nourishing ingredients, Instant Angel is sure to be your skin barrier’s protector.

Some key ingredients to fight transepidermal water loss and reduce wrinkle depth include:

  • 3% Moisture Complex

  • .5% Dipalmityl Hydroxylproline

  • 2% Barrier Repair Complex

  • 4% Phytosterol and Free Fatty Acid complex

  • 2% Meadowstolide

In addition to these heavy hitters, there are some other great ingredients too.

Barrier Support Ingredients

Some of my favorite ingredients in Instant Angel include squalane and free fatty acids for barrier support and relieving dry skin.

Hydrating Ingredients

If you have dehydrated skin, Instant Angel is perfect for you thanks to humectants like:

  • Sodium PCA

  • Trehalose

  • Tracetin

  • Sodium hyaluronate

These ingredients leave your skin hydrated and plump after applying!

Instant Angel Benefits

Benefits of Instant Angel include:

  • Soothing a compromised skin barrier

  • Reducing wrinkle depth

  • Providing hydration to skin

  • Fight transepidermal water loss

Thanks to the amazing formula, Instant Angel packs a powerful punch with these anti-aging and soothing benefits.

Summary: Should you try Dieux Skin Instant Angel?

Yes! Regardless of your skin type, you should try Dieux Instant Angel Moisturizer.

With an all-star lineup of active ingredients to nourish your skin barrier and fight age-related skin damage, Instant Angel is a gem among moisturizers.

In fact, the moisturizing ingredients and rich formula make Instant Angel one of the best moisturizers to use with tretinoin cream.

I highly suggest picking up a tube and adding it to your skincare routine.

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